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VEGA - Versatility and Performance
Visibly this engraving machine has all the high manufacturing standards of a famous line of tables. Robust, silent, compact and ergonomic. A concept appreciated in a multitude of engraving workshops in different industrial sectors and numerous commercial outlets throughout the world.

The originality of the Vega concept is revealed in its performance levels and its versatility. Available also in a standalone or open version (IS400), it is adaptable to a large number of uses and applications.

Vega's software, integration of control tools and remote control significantly increase freedom and ease for the user. A large gauge vice enables it to hold all kinds of objects. Its pack of accessories means that any part can be clamped, whatever the shape or material (plate, cylinder, mechanical part...). To guarantee the performance levels of a large table, its modular design means that there is a large clamping capacity for an engraving area of 305mm x 210mm.

All these elements mean that Vega and IS400 will be a new reference tool for numerous applications, whether they be industrial or commercial.

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