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Manual Machines

IM3 Engraving Machine
A mini machine for a maximum of work

engraving machine im3The IM3 enables you to achieve quality engraving in the simplest of ways. Easy to use, versatile and highly productive, the IM3 has all the qualities to become not just useful, but indispensable.
  • Long-life spindle with accuracy vernier and depth regulating nose guarantees a perfect engraving every time
  • Pantograph enables engraving of letter height up to 100mm
  • Auto-centering vice allows placement control to the millimetre
  • Pantograph with 25 reduction ratios (from 1/2 to 1/7)
  • 220V universal motor (110V on request)
  • Spindle Speed 18000rpm
  • Cutter diameter 3.17mm
  • Depth setting with micrometer vernier (0.025mm graduation) and depth regulator nose
  • Max holding capacity with special jigs: 250mm (ref: 06214.000)
  • Max opening of vice jaws: 140mm
  • Max height in vice: 50mm
  • Max height on frame: 85mm
  • Copying table: 150x405mm
Standard Equipment
  • 1 Pair Celeron jigs
  • Self-centering universal vice with vertical and horizontal movement
  • Copy Slide: height 31.75mm, length 450mm
  • Depth regulator nose
  • Allen key with handle, 3mm Allen key
  • Instruction booklet
  • Tool box
  • Pantograph Halogen Lamp (ref: 58540.000)
  • Vice for cylindrical parts up to 75mm dia (ref: 05425.000)
  • Vice for spherical parts (ref: 50425.000)
  • Auxiliary pantograph ratio 1:1 (ref: 55900.900)
  • Special holding jigs
  • Depth regulator noses
  • Copy Slides
  • Foot Switch
  • Dimensions: 580mm x 510mm x 280mm
  • Net Weight: 11kg
  • Gross Weight: 13.6kg
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