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Intelligent Systems: the IS200
A small-sized engraving unit that is quick and silent.

The power of electronics
With its 100% Gravograph design, the IS 200 opens the door to the widest range of work environments. For the users of GRAVOGRAPH ISIS consoles or owners of of a PC or MACINTOSH, the IS200 offer the same efficiency to work on ISIS files or any other file in HPGL format (generated by the majority of CAD/DTP software available on the market).

With its two-line LCD display panel, the unit's highly ergonomic man-machine interface allows users to modify engraving parameters. Thanks to the use of flash eproms, you can adapt to your needs and save your engraving parameters. Engraving times are optimised thanks to the management of X and Y axes by a specific Asic*.

Mechanical and electrical performance
Equipped with an aluminium frame for and optimum rigidity/weight ratio, the IS 200 is fitted with a 4.36mm diameter spindle and a self-centering vice. Its DC spindle motor ensures that it runs with an extremely low noise level (<70dB) so that it can be easily integrated into any environment.

Extremely practical options
The IS 200 is easy to use with a whole range of supplementary accessories: clamping jaws, depth regulating nose, chip suction system and vacuum unit.

*Asic: application specific integrated circuit allowing the management of a large number of functions in a small space.

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