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Intelligent Systems: the IS200 TX
Driven by your PC, the IS200TX combines versatility with quality and efficiency to engrave large or cylindrical objects, as easily as it engraves labels. Intelligent and autonomous, the IS200TX is an engraving machine which is totally compatible with HPGL files (the format generated by most CAD/CAM software). This makes it accessible to both PC and MAC users.

The user-friendly interface allows the user to program the required engraving parameters with ease, through an ergonomic control panel and integrated LCD display.

The IS200TX has all of the specially-designed mechanical qualities of the Unica TX.

  • integrated Motorola 68000 processor
  • 512kb RAM with optional 2Mb expansion
  • RS-232 serial output port
  • Parallel output port
  • 38-pin memory card
  • 2 line 20-character LCD display
  • 12-key keyboard
  • Standard HPGL format
  • jigs, cutters, diamonds, noses
  • fonts
  • cylinder and pen attachments
  • chip removal system
  • tubular stand
  • glass engraving kit
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