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Gravotech M20 Engraving Machine
The M20 Engraving machine is a very modern stylish unit making it an ideal choice for many different applications such as Gift shops, Shoe Repairers and Trophy Retailers. With the addition of the Pen attachment this has to be the most versatile Giftware Engraver available. It can also be used in many Industrial applications such as Electrical Contractors etc.
With two levels of software to choose from it can be adapted to suit most applications.

Key Points to consider
  • Compact: With a footprint of 310mm x 340mm x 310mm
  • Engraving Area 100mm x 100mm
  • User Friendly Software: Two options available giving access to various Fonts & Symbols to enhance the appearance and increase customer choice
  • Gravograph's original and trusted self-centering vice system for easy clamping of items to be engraved
  • Laser Pointer enables accuracy of engraving location
  • Depth regulating Nose Cone system gives consistent depth of Engraving on un-even surfaces
  • Choice of work holding jigs allows easy holding of flat plates, Watches, Bracelets, Pens, Rings, ID Tags, Pet Discs etc.
Variants of the M20 which are available

Gravotech M20D
As the M20 but with fixed Diamond Spindle instead of Rotary Spindle
Gravotech M20P
As the M20 but with Rotary Pen Engraving attachment
Gravotech M20J
As the M20 but with Inside/Outside Ring engraving kit, twin spindle eliminating the need to swap spindles for Ring Engraving. Rotary Pen engraving attachment available as an option.

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