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Auxiliary Machines

CG30 Grinding Machine
For Perfect Cutter Grinding

To obtain quality engraving, you must ensure that you are using perfectly reground cutters.

Ergonomically and technically perfect, the CG30 (the CG10's big brother) enables you to regrind your conical, cylindrical or flat-ended cutters. The CG30's success is due to its simplicity: mistakes are eliminated by minimising the operations required.

Three steps to perfectly reground cutters
Auxiliary Machinesblank
Automatic setting of the cutter via the Guiding Tool and perfect selection of the clearing angle
Easy selection of the cutting angles using the graduated index
Automatic indexing of cutter truncation without disassembly, by setting the cutter holder at the required angle

Auxiliary Machines

  • Easily-removable grinding wheel
  • Built-in dust extractor
  • Grinding angle: 0-90°
  • Cutter truncation without disassembly by adjustment of the collet holder to the required graduated angle
  • Fully protected grinding wheel
  • Moulded aluminium body
  • Interchangeable collets: 3.17mm, 4.36mm, 6.35mm and 8mm
  • Asynchronous 220V motor with silencer
  • Rotation speed: 9000rpm
  • Dimensions: 415mm x 335mm x 270mm
  • Gross Weight: 12kg
For more streamlined control over your cutter regrinding jobs, take a look at the CG30's little brother - the CG10.

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